Parker relegates the coverage of California wine to Galloni

  The emperor of wine, legendary critic Robert Parker, the founder of the Wine Advocate, has relegated the coverage of california wine to Antonio Gallone, who is already covering south america and will also cover Champagne, Chablis and Burgundy.

Parker's influence in wine, and specifically in California wine, is huge. Some say that you can lay the responsibility for the popular big, bold, pricey status Napa Cabs nearly wholly in his lap. 

He will now focus on horizontal and vertical tastings of perfectly stored California wines to see how they develop, and will still cover bordeaux and  the Rhone.


The announcement comes as a clear reminder that, at 63, Parker's retirement is looming ever closer.  The question is  whether  the full retirement  would  mark the end - and beginning - of an era. 

Whether or not the Wine Advocate will continue  to influence  demand and thus the price of wine as it has been doing  up to now.   


It is not by  coincidence that  Parker appointed  Galloni.

Antonio Galloni is an extremely  talented taster and it will be  of great interest ,  how Galloni's coverage of California and Burgundy will compare or differ from that of his predecessor - particularly given Parker's taste for rich, ripe styles.  

Wine Advocate began with one man's palate but has  now a whole team of tasters cover the world.  

90pluswines  will follow up and report  on the evolution in  tasting notes  of domaines now covered by Galloni.


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