Is this the end for Lafite, Petrus and Latour ?

We all noticed..... global temperature is rising.

But this steady rise is a real threat for the vineyards around Bordeaux that produce some of the most esteemed and expensive wines on earth.

According to the Telegraph experts say that the region may be unsuitable for wine-growing by 2050, making the supreme wines of chateaux like Lafite, Petrus and Latour nothing but memories.

Some winegrowers are already switching to heat-resistant grape varieties as a precaution, Germany's Der Spiegel magazine reported this week.

The French national Institute for Agricultural Research in Paris says that in worst case the climate will no longer be suitable for Cabernet and Merlot wines by the middle of the century.

Let's hope climate change will not come to fast, so winegrowers will be able to adapt  !


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